Black Note – Quartet ,A latakia blend 30 ml

3.500 kr.


Syrian Latakia tobacco flavor as no e liquid has been able of capturing before. A true to life flavor including a wood-like notes with all of the smokiness you would expect from a Syrian blend of tobacco.

50% VG


30 ml


Great music takes time to compose. It’s an ideal balance of rising crescendos and calming decrescendos, delicate pizzicato and booming bass notes, neither too overpowering nor too underwhelming. At Black Note, we craft every product to bring out the bold notes of premium tobacco flavor as well as the minor notes that influence the overall aroma and flavor. Like the great composers, we know that our reputation is only as good as our last batch, so we work extra hard to make sure every bottle of Black Note is the best quality e-juice around — even if that means taking extra time and effort to create that perfect symphony of taste and aroma.


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