Slushie SALT 30 ML – 8 Brögð

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Cola Slush :

cola ice pop that evolved into your all-day summer Vape. On a hot summers day, Cola Ice is a classic for soothing and cooling down your brain. What a perfect companion for a day basking in the scorching sun.

Passion & Mango :

A juicy mix of Passion Fruits and Mangoes giving you the taste of the island lifestyle. What a perfect companion for a day basking in the warm tropical sun.

Mangosteen & Guava :

Combining mangosteen, which has a flavour reminiscent of creamy peach, and adding notes of sweet guava with layers of ice at exhale.

Black Cherry Raspberry :

Rich, dark cherries with sweet raspberries and blends them over ice for a cooling exhale.

Sour Apple and Watermelon :

Perfect marriage of flavours with a tangy twist. Apple and watermelon have been layered over ice and blended together with a tantalising sour exhale.

Grapefruit Lemonade :

Zesty fizzy lemon base, blended with handfuls of ice and topped with sweet, citrusy grapefruit flavour.

Raspberry Bubblegum Slush :

Layered raspberries over a bubblegum base and adding a cool slush style exhale. Simple yet extremely refreshing and enjoyable.

Strawberry Slush :

Slushie has taken the classic strawberry slush to a whole new level. Intricately layering ingredients to create an irresistible, strawberry ice kick upon inhale whilst the kiwi explodes exotic vibes on the tongue upon exhale.


Minnum á Þrennu-tilboðið, 3 x 30 ml salt vökvar að eigin vali á 11.900 kr + FRÍ sending!

SALT Þrennu-tilboð, 3x 30 ml


** Notist aðeins í pod system, ekki ætlaður fyrir sub ohm tanka!



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