Spice Master – 5 brögð!

3.990 kr.

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Spice Master  er mögnuð tóbakslína frá USA sem  hefur aldeilis slegið í gegn hjá okkur!

Colt 45 – A cool and easy blend of menthol and icemint mixed with a medium tobacco blend.​

310 to Yuma – A pure menthol tobacco that fills your palate with spectacularly cool vapor.  3:10 to Yuma transports you to the chilled and delicious land of tobacco.

Annie Oakley – Tobacco lovers that want to take their vaping experience to the next level have found their match! This creamy cigar blend is one not to miss!

Sacagawea – This noteworthy flavor combines elements of tobacco and custard sure to provide an eye-opening​ vape experience.

Django -A rich, bold, full body tobacco flavor that provides an authentic cigarette experience. Django has the power to tame your combustible tobacco cravings as you embark on a liberating vaping lifestyle.





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